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Event Videography.

Kent Event videographers, covering all event types.


event videography Kent.


Artist performing at summertime live festival taken by the kent video company
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The Kent Video Company caters to all your event video needs. We can film your event and deliver the unedited footage, or take the reins and craft a captivating final product. The choice is yours!

Kent Event Videography: Festivals, Networking, Meetups, Day Events & more!

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Capture the Excitement: Professional Event Videography in Kent, UK

Planning a memorable event in Kent? The Kent Video Company elevates your experience with stunning event videography. Our team of experienced videographers uses high-quality equipment to capture every detail, from exhilarating performances, to family events and the unforgettable moments in between.

Showcase Your Event's Story:

  • Short & Sweet: Summarise the event's energy with a dynamic highlight reel.

  • Immersive Experience: Craft a longer-form after movie featuring interviews and behind-the-scenes moments, perfect for social media engagement.

We go beyond Kent! Let us know your event's location, and we'll be there to ensure a professional video production.

Don't settle for shaky phone footage. Invest in a high-quality video that reflects the effort you put into your event. Your social media team will thank you, and your audience will be transported back to the event's magic.

Have an event coming up you need filmed?

Contact us for an informal chat and let us know your requirements. 


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Booking a call to discuss an event video couldn't be simpler.
contact us today for a chat. 

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