Are you looking to create a video to crowdfund your product? 
We create engaging videos that demonstrate the key outlines of your product. Starting with the problem
, the process, the backstory and the solution.

We understand that it's essential to work alongside you as a creator and feed the right information to the backer. Whether you have a marketing plan in place, or you need help structuring a video from the ground up; we help you create a video which ticks all of the necessary boxes for a successful campaign.


We helped L-BOW reach their target pledge goal in just 1 week, reaching an extremely high volume of pre-orders for their bicycle safety product.  

Not only did we provide their main kickstarter video, but also all of the video GIFS that are cleverly embedded within their pledge page.

Check out the full kickstarter campaign here.

Service required not listed? We work to any brief!
Please contact us and we will draw up a bespoke treatment.

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